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    • Gauze Pads Price
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      Gauze Pads Price

      Introduction of gauze pads: Gauze pads used for general wound care when dressing minor burns, cuts and scrapes. Individually, sterile wrappedgauze pads are available in 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes and are packaged in either bulk boxes or smaller boxes designed for first aid kit...Read More
    • Gauze Pads In Bulk
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      Gauze Pads In Bulk

      Product Description: 1.4 x 4 Inch Gauze Sponge offers6- 8-12ply thickness 2.For basic applications such as cleaning medical instruments and wound care. 3.The gauze made of 100 percent cotton, a hypoallergenic material. 4. It's also latex-free to prevent allergic...Read More
    • Gauze Pad Sticking To Wound
    • Gauze Sponges 3x3
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      Gauze Sponges 3x3

      Description of gauze sponges 3x3: 3 x 3 Inch Gauze Sponge offers 8-ply thickness for basic applications such as cleaning medical instruments. The non-sterile gauze sponges offer an economical option。 The gauze isn't packaged sterile but it's made of 100 percent...Read More
    • Surgical Gauze Pads
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      Surgical Gauze Pads

      Introduction of surgical gauze pads: Sterile 6 Ply 4 x 4 Inch Sponge designed to conform around drains, chest tubes or tracheotomies. The sponges effectively absorb fluids to keep patient comfortable. The split gauze sponge is made of fast wicking non-woven polyester and...Read More
    • 4x4 Gauze Pads Non Sterile
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      4x4 Gauze Pads Non Sterile

      Description of 4x4 gauze pads non sterile: The Surgical Gauze Sponge 8 Ply are economical, non-woven dressings that are ideal for cleaning and prepping. It's made with 100 percent cotton that is highly absorbent to absorb blood and wound exudate while being gentle to the...Read More
    • Gauze Sponges 4x4 12 Ply
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      Gauze Sponges 4x4 12 Ply

      Gauze sponges 4x4 12 ply: The gauze Sponge are highly absorbent, fast wicking gauze sponges used in wound care. It is virtually lint-free, which minimizes the risk of wound contamination The sponge pads are drain split gauze that eliminates the need for sterile scissors and...Read More
    • Sterile Gauze Pads Use
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      Sterile Gauze Pads Use

      Description of sterile gauze pads use: 1.100 percent cotton, a hypoallergenic material. 2.When used in wound care, it won't irritate the skin. 3.Sterile gauze pads is latex-free to prevent allergic reactions. 4.With various thickness.6-ply,8-ply, 12-ply gauze sponges...Read More
    • 4x4 Gauze Pads Bulk
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      4x4 Gauze Pads Bulk

      Specifications of 4x4 gauze pads bulk: Color: White Latex-Free: Yes Woven: Yes Sterile: NO Ply: 6plys,8plys,12plys Material: 100% Cotton Dimensions: 4 x 4 Inches Shape: Square Customize and OEM is available Free sample:Yes Packing of 4x4 gauze pads bulk: Quantity: Pack of...Read More
    • Gauze Sponges 4x4
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      Gauze Sponges 4x4

      Introduction of gauze sponges 4x4: Gauze Sponges are an excellent way to add extra absorbency and provide sterile wound care. Dressing sponges come in a variety of sizes and plys, so there's a gauze sponge for just about every need. Specifications of gauze sponges 4x4:...Read More
    • Stretch Gauze Bandage
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      Stretch Gauze Bandage

      Introduction of stretch gauze bandage: The Conforming Emergency Medical Stretch Gauze Roll is a knitted, sterile bandage wrap that conforms to hold the primary wound dressing in place with light compression. The unique knit construction by LINE2design offers proper...Read More
    • Gauze Roller Bandages
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      Gauze Roller Bandages

      Descripion of gauze roller bandages: Gauze is a thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave. Gauze roll bandage is made of 100% cotton gauze rolls offers superior performance. It is a highly absorbent dressing that will conform as needed and hold dressings in place....Read More
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