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    • Medical Mask
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      Medical Mask

      Product Introduction: Surgical masks hydrophobic permeability is strong, with tiny virus aerosol or harmful dust filtering effect is remarkable but not effective filtering PM10 and PM2.5, the overall filtering effect is good, used materials, non-toxic harmless to wear...Read More
    • Medical Face Mask Suppliers
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      Medical Face Mask Suppliers

      Medical Mask Details: Material:Non-woven fabric layer:1/2/3/4 Color:Black/Blue/Green/White/optional Size:17.5*9.5CM/17.5*9CM Sterile method:Gamma/EO/Steam Packing:4000pcs/box 200pcs/box Application:Medical/Surgical/food industry/heath care Weight:16gsm/18gsm/20gsm/25gsm/other...Read More
    • Hospital Face Mask
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      Hospital Face Mask

      Hospital Face Mask: Xinxiang City Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd are a large-scale medical gauze manufacturer in China. We offer high quantity non-woven cloth medical mask. Our surgical masks can be used in Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.Dust-free...Read More
    • Adhesive Gauze Roll
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      Adhesive Gauze Roll

      Product Features : 1.Easily adheres to itself,not stick to skin or hair 2.Can be washed and reused 3.Made from latex free materials 4.Optimum length 5.Easy to apply and take off 6.Conforms to the body,perfect for sustained compression Technical Parameter: Contact Us: Xinxiang...Read More
    • Gauze Bandage Tape
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      Gauze Bandage Tape

      Gauze Bandage Tape: This bandage is a non adhesive tape that sticks to itself, no need for pins or other tapes to keep it together. It is ideal for applying compression to injured muscles as it does not stick to the skin or hair. Product Specifications: Material: Non-woven...Read More
    • Elastic Gauze Bandage
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      Elastic Gauze Bandage

      Product Description: First Aid bandage/Crepe bandage/Elastic bandage Elastic gauze bandage is made of nature fiber of 60% polyamide and 40% cotton with wover edges. They are extremely soft, breathable and comfortable, eays to apply and remove. Features of Gauze Bandage: 1....Read More
    • Bouffant Hats
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      Bouffant Hats

      Features of Disposable Surgical Cap: 1. Disposable Non-woven bouffant caps Made of high quality PP (10-45GSM) with elastic 2. Non-irritant, various head is suitable, comfortable 3. Eco-friendly, breathable, health, comfortable, non-irritant, economical 4.Sterile: sterilized...Read More
    • Medical Hair Cap
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      Medical Hair Cap

      Disposable Bouffant Cap: Features of Disposable Bouffant Cap : 1. Disposable Non-woven bouffant caps Made of high quality PP (10-45GSM) with PU elastic 2. Non-irritant, various head is suitable, comfortable 3. Eco-friendly, breathable, health, comfortable, non-irritant,...Read More
    • Bouffant Hat
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      Bouffant Hat

      Medical Bouffant Hat: Surgical cap, also called nonwoven nurse cap, good elastic provide well fit of cap to head, it can prevent hairs falling,suit for any hair style,and mainly used for disposable medical and food service line. Product Feature: 1.comfortable,...Read More
    • Medical Shoe Covers
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      Medical Shoe Covers

      Technical Parameter: Other Specifications: Features of Medical Shoe Covers: 1. Elastic with ankle strap. 2. Standard: CE, ISO 13485, Free Sales Certification. 3. Disposable; anti-dust; anti-skid; breathable. 4. Application: family, hotel, electronics factory, pharmaceutical...Read More
    • Disposable Cap And Mask
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      Disposable Cap And Mask

      Disposible bouffant cap Material:10,12,14,16gsm spunbonded polypropylene Size:18",21",24",26" Color:White/green/blue/yellow/red/pink Elastic:round/flat Disposable Non-woven Face Mask 3-ply With ear loops 17.5*9.5cm Without glass fibres Hypoallergenic Very...Read More
    • Disposable Cap
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      Disposable Cap

      Product Description: Disposable Bouffant-Cap,Surgeons Cap / Bouffant Cap with tie strings or elastic. The medical caps made from non-woven fabric.Specially designed disposable cap is suitable both for male and female users. Can be Used in Hospitals, Clinics,Food...Read More
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